Levamelt® 452

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVM) with 45 wt % vinyl acetate and dusted with separating agents (silica and talc).
Melt Flow Index 190 °C 10 g/10mi ISO 1133
Vinyl Acetate Content 45 wt % Internal Method LP 015


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Additional Information

Supply Form Granules, almost colorless
Storage Life Conditions Store under cool temperatures and dry conditions in original packaging. Avoid exposure to the light. Do not stack pallets/boxes at storage. The temperature for storage shall not exceed +5 °C. Keep storage to a minimum. Granules tends to block at temperatures above +5 °C or if stored improperly. For this reason, the flowability of this product is explicitly not warranted.
Shelf Life 36 months from date of production stored at above mentioned conditions.
Safety Relevant safety data and references as well as the necessary hazard warning labels are to be found in the safety data sheet.

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