Energy, Oil & Gas

As the oil and gas industry faces new challenges — including increasingly stringent environmental regulations — optimizing deep drilling operations in a rough chemical environment is a top priority. Adding to those harsh mechanical conditions, rig operations are performed under temperatures and pressures can exceed 200°C.

Such extreme conditions require top-performing elastomers capable of mitigating the progressive degradation of mechanical properties resulting in premature failure. The demands in the oil exploration industry are just as stringent as those faced in modern automotive engineering. Here also, elastomers must withstand aggressive environments and high mechanical stresses.

ARLANXEO's Therban® high-performance hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) provides a suitable formulation for the energy sector. Operating in extreme temperature ranges from - 40°C up to 165°C, Therban® exhibits excellent dynamic mechanical properties and resistance to oil, heat, tear and abrasion.

Within the oil & gas industry, Therban® is used for blowout preventers, packers, drill-pipe protectors, pump stators, and drill bit seals.

The acrylonitrile (ACN) content is a crucial factor determining the properties of Therban® compounds. ACN is a commodity petrochemical produced primarily from propylene and ammonia. High levels of ACN result, amongst others, in excellent oil and media resistance.

Apart from the energy sector, medium-high ACN fully saturated grades are ideal for wire and cable applications. Given Therban's excellent flame-retardant properties, our solution is used as a protective component for electrical systems — including as FRNC cable and wire jackets.

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