Krynac® grades are multi-purpose polymers with medium-speed cure properties. They can be used in various applications such as automotive and industrial applications like hoses and conveyor belts.

Krynac® is very suitable for bonding with metals and also exhibits great carboxylic acid functionalities — offering an exceptionally good grip to hydrophilic surfaces, facilitating reliable driving and transportation speeds.


Key Benefits

This multi-purpose polymer offering excellent oil resistance for technical rubber products comes with the following benefits:

- Excellent resistance to swelling in oils, fuels and greases
- Exceptional low temperature flexibility and heat resistance
- High processing safety
- Very good extrusion performance and extreme resistance to abrasion and wear


ARLANXEO NBR Krynac 4955 VP Ultra-high ACN Nitrile Rubber Brochures Download
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Raising the bar for oil-resistant synthetic rubbers

Technical rubbers used in food contact applications, such as food grade conveyor belts, are required to meet the strictest quality and safety standards. Among those are being oil-resistant and exhibiting flame-retardant properties. Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) regroups multi-purpose rubbers with an excellent oil resistance.

ARLANXEO's NBR brands are Perbunan®, Krynac® and Baymod® N. Krynac® is a multi-purpose medium curing polymer for technical rubber products that are exposed to oils, fuels and greases. Its extreme resistance to those liquids makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Beyond its common food contact usage, Krynac® is used in various applications for the automotive and industrial equipment and machinery industries, shoe soles, flooring, and oil & gas. Among many application areas, it is preferably used for hoses, seals and membranes, as well as for roll covers, coated fabrics, sheets, thermal insulation tubes, and footwear.

ARLANXEO’s range of NBR products is also used in contact adhesives, sealants and impact modifiers. Krynac® and Perbunan® sealants modified with phenolic resins are used, for example, in aircraft to seal tanks against leakage.
Moreover, the medium vulcanization properties of Krynac® grades promote good bonding to metals. Special slow-curing grades also improve processing behavior.

A leader in high-end applications

Among the Krynac® specialty grades, carboxylated Krynac® XNBR grades are used when excellent abrasion and wear resistance are needed. ARLANXEO's high-end Krynac X for industrial applications has set global standards for long-lasting abrasion resistance and dimensional stability in extrusion and calendaring (rubber lining, semi-finished products, belts, and many others).

Krynac XNBR represents a unique material to bond to a variety of epoxy systems. Some important application areas of epoxy resins modified with Krynac XNBR are laminating and structural bonding in aircraft applications, printed circuit boards and adhesives for electronics. In epoxy resins, XNBR gives elasticity, resilience, good low-temperature properties, and excellent strength.

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Nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) is a copolymer made from butadiene and acrylonitrile. NBR is essential for technical rubber products that need to be resistant to mineral oils, service fluids, and greases in automotive applications and machinery.


Baymod® N

Baymod® N is an NBR in powder suitable for friction linings, brake linings, and fuel-resistant applications. Common industrial uses are in shoe soles, cables, sheeting, and conveyor belts.



Perbunan® is a special fast-curing NBR rubber enabling very quick molding cycles. It's ideal for the automotive, construction and machine industries as well as for food contact applications.

Baymod® is a trademark of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH and registered in many countries worldwide and used under license.