Synthetic rubber can be found everywhere in our everyday lives – whether in vehicle tires, shoes, or sports equipment, in hoses, seals, or machine conveyor belts. It dampens, seals, and drives. It holds fixed parts together and makes them movable. But rubber is by no means simply rubber: ARLANXEO has numerous different products in its range, tailored to countless applications in a wide variety of industries. And we are always developing new types of rubber – constantly searching for the even more perfect formula for our customers.


Our ARLANXEO brands are registered trademarks. For some of our customers our brands have stood for the highest quality for decades. Of course, we are also constantly innovating these products, and new family members are joining us. Thanks to intensive research and loyal customers all over the world, our brands are synonymous with high-quality rubber in many industries today.

Our Brands



Adhesive solutions are behind a great number of items we use every day, from our shoes, furniture, and the roof over our heads. Elastomers can make these adhesives better and even make better tires for your car.

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Be it in tires, performance parts for cooling systems, or brake pads, we are helping to make sure cars meet the sustainability requirements of tomorrow.

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Building and Construction

Elastic foundations for skyscrapers and bridges, floor coverings for hospitals and schools, sealing foils for roofs and basements, sheathing for cables and pipelines – synthetic rubbers from ARLANXEO make building easier and safer.

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Consumer Goods

Synthetic rubber is everywhere – from the sole of your shoe to your crash helmet. From your tennis racket to your soccer ball. From yogurt cups to refrigerators. And millions of people enjoy it as chewing gum.

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Energy, Oil & Gas

The demands in the oil exploration industry are extremely high. From explosive decompression to elevated mechanical stresses, elastomer solutions must meet the challenge.

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Industrial Goods

Inconspicuous but indispensable – synthetic rubber does valuable work in machinery and technical equipment.

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Oil additives play a vital role in improving the performance and longevity of modern combustion engines. ARLANXEO's Keltan® range of polymers helps regulate the all-important viscosity index.

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Pharma / Medical

Halobutyl rubber of the X_Butyl® brand from ARLANXEO protects pharmaceutical products from external influences such as moisture, light and ozone, heat and cold.

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Plastics Modification

Butadiene rubbers are polymer solutions improving the properties of plastics used in a myriad of industries automotive, health care and food.

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Specialty rubbers used in the automotive industry and formulated to maximize the performance of tires can go a long way toward helping reduce CO2 emissions.

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Wire & Cable

Wires and cable in the automotive and industrial sectors must safely operate under often extreme heat conditions. Protective rubber compounds must meet stringent standards.

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We want to make sure that our customers get the most out of our high-performance rubbers. That's why we offer you a very good technical support and service. From a detailed information package to personal advice. The concentrated knowledge of our technical experts all over the world is at your disposal – present on site with our service teams. Fast, reliable, and comprehensive. Both technically and commercially. You can count on it.

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