Chloroprene Rubber

Chloroprene rubber (international ASTM/DIN-abbreviation: CR) is a high-performance material with a wide variety of applications. Baypren® is the brand-name of the ARLANXEO range of polymers based on 2-chloro-1,3-butadiene (chloroprene), which are manufactured by water-based emulsion polymerization. The importance of Baypren® is derived essentially from its attractive combination of key properties which are unmatched by any other kind of rubber at a comparable price. This has led to the development of many product variants to meet diverse requirements.


ARLANXEO Adhesion CR Baypren Brochures Download
ARLANXEO CR Baypren Brochures Download

CR Properties

The properties of Baypren® rubber are influenced by the type of modification of the raw polymer.

Effect of pre-crosslinking
- reduction of the elastic resilience (snappiness) of the raw
- rubber and uncured compound
- reduction of the die swell
- improvement in calendering behavior
- improvement of the surface smoothness of injection-molded and extruded articles
- improvement of the dimensional stability, e. g. of uncured profiles

Effect of sulfur modification
- facilitates mastication of the rubber, permitting the production of soft compounds with good building tack
- only magnesium oxide and zinc oxide required for vulcanization
- better tear resistance than standard grades
- better adhesion to fabrics than standard grades
- better dynamic properties

Effect of xanthogen disulfide (XD) modification
- lower elasticity (less “nerve”) means easier processing (by calendering or extrusion)
- better mechanical properties than standard grades in the same formulation
- higher filler loadings possible


Building and wire & cable industry

- Rubber-sheathed flexible cables for heavy-duty applications in hoisting gear and transport and conveyor systems
- Rubber-sheathed flexible cables for heavy-duty applications in underground and surface mining applications
- Rubber-sheathed flexible cables for use in dry and wet conditions in domestic appliances and light-duty workshop equipment
- Rubber-sheathed flexible cables with suspension unit for elevators and conveyor systems
- Trailing cables for use in dry and wet conditions and also in underground applications where service conditions are severe
- Theater cables for mobile light fittings and light support structures
- Welding cables
- Flat flexible power and control cables for use in dry and wet conditions and also outdoors, especially for transport systems, machine tools and processing machines
- Flat flexible lighting cables


- Hydraulic hoses for high pressure and ultra-high pressure
- Reinforced hoses for medium pressure and low pressure
- Brake hoses
- Oil and fuel hoses
- Hoses for use in the petroleum industry
- Floating hoses

Molded parts
- Bellows and dust caps
- Axle boots
- Round-section sealing strips, O-ring seals and flat seals
- Membranes
- Air springs
- Dampers and bearings with and without metal inserts, e. g. load bearing pads for high buildings and bridges
- Windshield wiper blades

Conveyor and transmission belts

- Power transmission belts for the automotive and general industry (poly-V-belts, raw-edge V-belts, jacketed V-belts, timing belts)
- Conveyor belts with steel cord and textile reinforcement for underground mining applications, steel works, mineral processing plants and the chemical industry


​​​​​​​- Foamed rubber sheets for wet suits and for the production of punched seals
- Covers for rollers in the printing industry and also in the textile and paper sectors
- Rubberized fabrics for all types of tarpaulins, containers and boats, and membranes in the automotive sector


The Baypren® portfolio is consisting of two product lines, distinguished by their rate of crystallization. The 300 grades are crystallizing more readily and are reaching a higher final degree of crystallization than the 200 grades. Within both product lines different grades with varied viscosities (chain lengths) are available, to allow the choice of the best suiting raw material for the distinct application.

- Fast crystallizing 300 grades: The fast crystallizing 300 grades are giving contact adhesives with high initial strength, high final strength and rapid bond formation. These adhesives are especially useful in industries with fast production cycles like the shoe industry. Due to the high initial strength, production processes following the bonding step can be done at once. The joined substrates can be handled immediately, without waiting for the final setting of the adhesive.

- Medium fast crystallizing 200 grades: In cases where high initial bond strength is not needed (e. g. flooring or roofing) the medium fast crystallizing Baypren® grades of the 200 range can be used. They prolong the open time of the adhesives, enhancing processing reliability and give a softer, more flexible bond line. The medium fast crystallizing Baypren® grades can be used both on their own or in combination with fast crystallizing Baypren® grades. Additionally the blending of grades of different viscosities is without problem, allowing the formulation of an adhesive with well-fitting viscosity and crystallization for the distinct application.

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