Spanning the application range from automotive, construction, and industry, Perbunan® is preferably used for molded rubber parts such as seals, membranes, vibration-dampers, and pump stators. It's modulus also makes it suitable for high-pressure hoses.


Key Benefits

The benefits of Perbunan® include:

- Special fast-curing polymer

- Excellent resistance to swelling in oils, fuels and greases

- High modulus and good sealing force retention

- Clean grades designed for injection molding

- Reduced tendency toward mold fouling and corrosion


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Molding better rubbers

Synthetic rubbers are used in many aspects of our lives. Depending on how we use them, be it transportation, for the sole of our shoes, or to store our food, different polymer grades are needed. In some cases, cleaner rubber grades are required, as in food contact applications, where low migration levels are needed. For evident reasons, avoiding emulsifier residues in rubbers parts used for food, potable water and pharmaceutical applications is of preeminent importance.

Other considerations require exceptional resistance to oils, fuels and greases — as in the automotive or oil and gas industries. Clearly setting itself apart, nitrile butadiene rubber is more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids.

ARLANXEO’s Perbunan® is a fast-curing rubber belonging to our NBR products family. Besides their extreme oil resistance, Perbunan® vulcanizates are characterized by a high modulus and good sealing force retention. For these reasons, Perbunan® NBR is ideal for applications in the automotive, construction and machine industries as well.

Perbunan® is preferably used for molded rubber parts, such as statically and dynamically loaded seals, vibration dampers and pump stators. Also, its very high crosslink density enables outstanding modulus to withstand elevated pressures — making Perbunan® best suited for high-pressure hoses. Other uses include rubberized fabrics, roll covers, sheets, conveyor and transmission belts, shoe soles, among other applications.

The clean Perbunan® grades are, among other properties, designed for molding applications to reduce the tendency toward mold fouling. All Perbunan® grades comply with the most common food and potable water regulations.

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Nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) is a copolymer made from butadiene and acrylonitrile. NBR is essential for technical rubber products that need to be resistant to mineral oils, service fluids, and greases in automotive applications and machinery.



The Krynac® brand belongs to ARLANXEO's line of nitrile rubbers (NBR) used in contact adhesives, sealants, or as impact modifiers. Krynac® XNBR grades are used when excellent abrasion and wear resistance are needed.


Baymod® N

Baymod® N is an NBR in powder suitable for friction linings, brake linings, and fuel-resistant applications. Common industrial uses are in shoe soles, cables, sheeting, and conveyor belts.

Baymod® is a trademark of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH and registered in many countries worldwide and used under license.