The Levamelt® brand covers a broad range of high-end materials destined for a wide spectrum of applications. Its grades offer optimal compatibility with a diverse range of polyolefin copolymers like PE, EVA, PET through to PVC.
Levamelt® can be used to manufacture strong film laminations and protective films which can be removed with a defined force and without leaving any scratches or residue.


Key Benefits

Some of Levamelt® benefits include:

- High level of tack & cohesion as it os typical of rubber

- Optimal properties even without plasticizers

- Remains elastic even at low temperatures

- Free of double bonds so material is aging-resistant

- Adjustable vinyl acetate content and polarity

- Good compatibility with a wide range of other polymers


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Versatile and flexible material for adhesives and films

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Levamelt® is one of the few true high-performance elastomers on the rubber market. The typical characteristics of this high-tech polymer are due to its adjustable vinyl acetate content, achievable thanks to a production method employed by ARLANXEO. This method involves stringing together ethylene and vinyl acetate (VA) components with a statistically optimal distribution. The vinyl acetate content can, in principle, be set to almost any value between 40 and 90 percent. From a VA content of approximately 40 percent, the existing ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer behaves like a true high-end rubber. Nevertheless, Levamelt® is superior in one particularly important aspect: due to the saturated molecular backbone, typical "rubber killers" such as ozone and UV light cannot find any point of attack to cause aging reactions.

There are further advantages in being able to adjust the vinyl acetate content by means of mixing. For example, the glass transition temperature of many grades of Levamelt® is well below zero degrees Celsius. This means that Levamelt® remains elastic at all times without the addition of plasticizers and does not become brittle even at low operational temperatures. The VA content can also be used to control the polarity of the polymer to a large extent. Consequently, there is outstanding compatibility with a large number of other polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyolefins. A final benefit is optimal adhesion to a wide range of surfaces in line with specific requirements.

​​​​​​​Levamelt® is particularly suitable for the production of adhesive films for a wide range of applications in various industries. Depending on the grade that is used and the surface such films are applied to, low up to semi-permanent adhesion can be achieved. Despite Levamelt® being an inherent sticky material, its supply form are yet free-flowing pellets, facilitating the production of adhesive films via co-extrusion without the need of processing additives. The adhesion properties of Levamelt® can be adjusted by blending with polyethylene, resins or waxes.

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