ARLANXEO is one of the world's largest producers of synthetic rubber and a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, a leading producer of energy and chemicals. ARLANXEO develops, produces and markets high-performance rubbers with a presence of more than 11 production sites in 8 countries, and 5 innovation centers around the world. Its products are used for a wide range of applications: from the automotive and tire industries to the electrical, construction and oil and gas industries.

Headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, we have established a state-of-the-art, competitive production infrastructure with production network spanning four continents. Our world-scale plants produce efficiently, flexibly and sustainably – in Europe, Asia, North and South America.


Our corporate values determine the way we think and act at ARLANXEO – for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment. They represent our collective commitment to set, achieve and exceed ambitious targets.
Safety is the heart of everything we do. Every single employee contributes to this: Whatever we do, we do it safely or we do not do it at all.


Our code of conduct is our guide to do the right thing and explains how our values should guide our decisions.

Download the ARLANXEO Code of Conduct

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Rubber from ARLANXEO: integral to our daily lives

If you want to experience the diversity of our products live or see how we are contributing to sustainable development, then simply watch this film!