You can count on it!

Synthetic rubber is the ideal material for versatile construction projects. After all, rubber can be adapted to almost any requirement like almost no other material. More elasticity? Less weight? Longer shelf life? The chemists at ARLANXEO have developed the right type of rubber for practically every wish – or will precisely create it in the laboratory.

Accordingly, our high-performance rubbers are frequently used in houses and other building constructions. Skyscrapers are an outstanding example: in earthquake-prone areas, they are completely built on elastic foundations. 

Hydrogenated nitrile rubbers such as Therban® or chloroprene rubber such as ARLANXEO’s Baypren® cushion seismic shocks and prevent buildings from collapsing. But bridges also rest on rubber bearings with Therban® or Baypren®, which compensate for movements caused by traffic and temperature fluctuations.

Rubber under your feet

Butadiene-styrene copolymer dispersions of the brand Taktene® Latex provide elasticity in asphalt, carpet backing, and laminate. Floors in airports, railway stations, hospitals, museums, warehouses, and schools are exposed to maximum stress. A case for the EPDM rubber Keltan® or the NBR rubber Krynac®: they dampen noise and are nonslip, robust, and elastic.

With Keltan® Eco, ARLANXEO also offers particularly environmentally friendly EPDM grades. Production from organically based ethylene causes only half as many CO2 emissions as conventional EPDM.

Built-in fire protection

The heat-resistant EVM rubber Levapren® is used in floor coverings. In the event of a fire, Levapren® ensures safety. The rubber is halogen-free, so no harmful gases are produced. This is also practical for protective sheaths of electrical cables and pipes, for example in air-conditioning systems, heating systems, and power supplies. 

Keltan® rubbers are also found in door and window seals, profiles, and liners. They can be used to line ponds and protect flat roofs, basements, and underground parking lots from water and moisture – for the entire life of a building. 

Adhesives containing X_Butyl® are long lasting. They are used for bonding and sealing, whether for flooring, roofing, or coated adhesive tapes.




Mainly used in the automotive industry, Keltan®, ARLANEXO's brand of EPDM products, maintains its superior properties even after exposure to high temperatures.


Industrial Goods

Inconspicuous but indispensable – synthetic rubber does valuable work in machinery and technical equipment.



How do we pave the way for sustainable coexistence in the cities of tomorrow? ARLANXEO has many ideas for how its synthetic rubbers can solve this issue.