Our solutions for pharmaceutical and medical applications

Medication can save lives. Not only is the content important but the packaging as well as it must ensure that a medicinal product remains in perfect condition. As such, the demands by the medical and pharmaceutical sectors on elastomers and their compounds and vulcanizates are extremely high.

Rubber stoppers are ideal - they reliably seal containers and vessels whether the contents are powder or liquid. However, the stoppers as well as plungers, seals, and hoses often come into direct contact with the contents. There is a risk that the drug may absorb elements from the rubber article and potentially impair the effectiveness of the contents – especially in liquids contained in vials, injection bottles, and syringes.

Even the smallest traces of impurities from the rubber component could dramatically change the quality of a pharmaceutical product. The regulations for the development and production of suitable articles are therefore extremely strict. They are laid down in a number of pharmacopoeias and guidelines that must be observed in various countries.

ARLANXEO halogenated X_Butyl® polymers are generally preferred as they ensure adequate protection of sterile medical products against external contamination during storage and use. Halogenated X_Butyl® grades are also found as O-rings and gaskets in a variety of aerosol containers, personal care and cosmetic spray pumps and inhalers. In addition, they are used in plungers for applications such as infusion pumps, pre-filled syringes, insulin injectors and dental anesthetics.




Butyl rubber (IIR) is a synthetic rubber, a copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene. Providing excellent air retention, it is widely used for tire inner liners among other applications.



X_Butyl® is a synthetic rubber that is impermeable to air and effective for applications requiring airtight rubber properties. It's used in the automotive, food, sports, and medical industries.