Safety is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. ARLANXEO feels responsible for safety along its entire value chain – be it procurement and transport of raw materials, production, or delivery to the customer. Safety is our greatest asset – that is why we do everything we do safely or not at all.

The safety of our employees and contractors, customers, suppliers, visitors, and neighbors is our highest priority. Each individual employee is called upon to do their part to increase safety on a daily basis. Our company-wide safety initiative “Goal Zero” also conveys this spirit: with zero accidents, ARLANXEO defines a clear goal. This initiative focuses – for example – on accident investigation, operational risk assessment, safe maintenance, and safety management with a focus on external companies.

Everyone Counts When It Comes To Safety

Every ARLANXEO site pursues its individual improvement plans with Goal Zero – not only for new processes but above all for the commitment and personal responsibility of the employees. We’re all pulling together for more and more safety. This applies not only to our own employees but also to those of partner companies. We work together in teams, and each employee is also responsible for the safety of their colleagues.

Our safety culture includes open feedback discussions and a serious interest in employee suggestions. Every idea as to how accident risks can be further reduced is examined. The team responsible for occupational safety at ARLANXEO works together globally. This enables colleagues from all over the world to learn from each other and to develop faster. We attach great importance to short decision-making processes: thanks to efficient local teams and the networking of the global team, new measures can be quickly implemented worldwide.

Safe Plants Worldwide – And Healthy Employees

ARLANXEO also has a global, specially trained team in the field of plant safety. It looks after our various locations and ensures that all plants meet the same high safety standards. The safety of our production facilities is closely linked to safety in the workplace. This is why our teams of experts coordinate their measures with each other.

We want all employees to go home healthy at the end of the workday. This applies to both their physical and their mental health. To that end we analyse stress factors and, if necessary, take measures to reduce stress – for an all-around, sustainable safety culture.

Personal responsibility

Personal responsibility increases safety. We motivate and encourage every employee to take ownership for their work area.


We work together successfully as a team when each employee also takes ownership for the safety of their colleagues. Local managers lead their teams according to this philosophy – free of hierarchies.

Safety 24-7

Safety comes first here – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a comprehensive safety culture, we avoid accidents. Safety is in our DNA.




Whether raw materials, production, or transport, we utilize all possibilities to further reduce our ecological footprint.



We want to make the world a better place – and we are committed to education worldwide. Our topics are safety and mobility. Our projects are colorful.