Baymod® N

Baymod® N is ARLANXEO's specialty NBR grade in powder form. Used as a modifier, it improves the final product's resistance to oils, fuels, and greases. In the plastic industry, Baymod® N grades are preferably implemented for soft PVC in injection molding processes. It also offers improved color stability and extrusion properties compared to standard products.


Key Benefits

A highly compatible solution with different base polymers, Baymod® N is also known for the following properties:

- Adding flexibility and elasticity to final product
- Assures good color stability
- Free flowability ensures automatic processing
- Excellent chemical, oil and hydrolysis resistance
- Good low-temperature flexibility and low fatigue


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Powder solutions optimizing tires and PVC

The automotive industry is continuously seeking innovative ways to provide their customers with energy-efficient vehicles. High-end rubber solutions figure highly on the list of priorities. ARLANXEO places a significant focus on improving the energy efficiency of tires. A lot of research and work goes into developing products that, at the end of the day, optimize the fuel efficiency of cars.

Synthetic elastomer products can be solutions to meeting the new mobility demands in the automotive industry. Among ARLANXEO's extensive portfolio of high-quality nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), the Baymod® N thermoplastics modifier brand, coming in free-flowable fine powder form, remains permanently flexible and elastic while also being impact-resistant. It also displays an improved coefficient of friction and noise reduction in brake applications. Baymod® N improves in the final product for resistance to oils, fuels and greases.

Beyond tires

Given that linear Baymod® N grades are soluble in wet processes, they are also utilized in the rubber industry for gaskets manufactured in a solution process. Other applications are refrigerator seals, friction linings, brake linings, shoe soles and conveyor belts. They're also used for wet processes in the friction industry as a binder that improves the impact resistance.

In the plastics industry, the simple-to-use Baymod® N modifiers are a common choice for soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) injection molding processes. The powdered NBR's are highly compatible with different polar base polymers and enhances their mechanical properties and elasticity.

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Nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) is a copolymer made from butadiene and acrylonitrile. NBR is essential for technical rubber products that need to be resistant to mineral oils, service fluids, and greases in automotive applications and machinery.



The Krynac® brand belongs to ARLANXEO's line of nitrile rubbers (NBR) used in contact adhesives, sealants, or as impact modifiers. Krynac® XNBR grades are used when excellent abrasion and wear resistance are needed.



Perbunan® is a special fast-curing NBR rubber enabling very quick molding cycles. It's ideal for the automotive, construction and machine industries as well as for food contact applications.

Baymod® is a trademark of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH and registered in many countries worldwide and used under license.