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September 29, 2021

ARLANXEO implements an energy surcharge for all its European produced Elastomers

In response to unforeseen and unprecedented energy cost escalations in Europe, ARLANXEO will implement an energy surcharge.

This energy surcharge will be effective as of the first of October 2021 and be applicable to all our European produced Elastomers.


Press Releases

ARLANXEO Announces Upgrades to Changzhou Battery Lab to Promote New Mobility with Energy Storage Solutions

March 9, 2023
Press Releases

ARLANXEO launches new polybutadiene production line in Brazil

New production line underscores ARLANXEO’s commitment to supplying reliable rubber to customers in Latin America

February 8, 2023
Press Release

ARLANXEO Invests in Debottlenecking of Therban® HNBR Plant in Leverkusen

to Meet Expanding Demands for Advanced Synthetic Rubber Products

May 3, 2022


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