Meeting the challenges of the future by developing innovative technologies

The inside of an automobile engine is an extreme combustion environment. Today's automotive engineers and manufacturers must contend with extreme temperatures and aggressive substances. In addition, they must focus on energy-efficient solutions to address future mobility standards for reduced CO2 emissions. In a nutshell, cars need to be both efficient and environmentally friendly and should combine modern design with a comfortable driving experience.

Moreover, automotive consumer demand is not only extremely varied but also rapidly evolving. The move to battery-powered cars will also demand new and sustainable solutions.

Whether it’s under the hood, in the dashboard, or the tires, synthetic rubbers have a major role to play in the innovation drive leading to the future of mobility. ARLANXEO's high-performance rubber grades are used for a wide variety of automotive applications.

They are used in essential parts of motor vehicles such as the engine compartment and the tires that make driving considerably safer and also help you save fuel. Windshield wiper blades are also made from ARLANXEO’s products, Baypren® or Keltan®.

Keltan® EPDM

Keltan® is the tradename of ARLANXEO’s EPDM products. Automotive is the leading market segment for EPDM. Given this solution's excellent heat-stable properties, EPDM is fast replacing natural rubber (NR) as the go-to solution for the high temperatures under the hood. Indeed, EPDM is used in applications operating at elevated temperatures, such as automotive sealing systems, coolant hoses, brakes, and air conditioning.

Therban® HNBR

ARLANXEO’s high-performance elastomer Therban® also provides an excellent combination of high and low-temperature performance, as well as ozone and oil resistance. It's ideal for long-term performance in automotive seals, which come into contact with oil and grease.

EVM rubbers

Rubbers in automotive applications also need to be both heat and flame-resistant. They must be able to resist a whole host of chemicals and reliably perform under challenging conditions.

Fire-retardant (FR) compounds, like rubber cable sheaths, are one of the most prominent EVM applications. Ethylene vinyl acetate rubber or EVM is a vulcanized copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. EVM's are special-purpose rubbers with very good heat, ozone, and weathering resistance.




Mainly used in the automotive industry, Keltan®, ARLANEXO's brand of EPDM products, maintains its superior properties even after exposure to high temperatures.



Therban® is ARLANXEO's high-performance elastomer HNBR. It displays excellent properties for engine components within automotive systems and heavy equipment.



EVM's are special-purpose rubbers serving as a good alternative to many conventional rubbers when superior heat and weathering resistance is needed. EVM is a vulcanized copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.