Our ethics and compliance principles are deeply embedded within our corporate culture and business strategy. These principles form the basis for our Code of Conduct, Policies and General Instructions. 
The components that shape our compliance program serve as the benchmark against which we measure our performance and the performance of our partners.

Compliance Program

Our Corporate Compliance team is responsible for the development, support, and monitoring of the compliance program. Our unified and company-wide ethics and regulatory compliance framework sets out the ethical and regulatory compliance standards for ARLANXEO. Our compliance framework is vital to us and establishes a clear unified group-wide structure and proactive culture, both to help prevent and detect improper conduct, and promote ethical behavior.

Code of Business Conduct

Our behavior is what defines us — as a company, as employees, as people. Everything we do is anchored by our Values: integrity, excellence, safety, accountability, and citizenship. Our Values are the foundation of Our Code of Business Conduct and the way we do business. When faced with any decision, we consider how each option aligns with these values.

The purpose of Our Code of Business Conduct is to help us fulfill the ethical commitments we have made to each other, our Company, our stakeholders, and ourselves.

Reporting violations

Our ethics and compliance hotline is available to provide a secure and confidential venue for people inside and outside the company to report suspected fraud, unethical conduct, or irregularities. We hold employees to a high level of ethical conduct and expect the same of our suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines mandatory policies on compliance with laws and business ethics, health, safety, security, environment, bribery, money-laundering, fraud, conflict of interest, employment practices, intellectual property, confidentiality of information and data protection. ARLANXEO’s Supplier Code of Conduct promotes our values and extends and maintains our ethical standards across our supplier network, enabling long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.