Specialty synthetic rubbers for high-performance tires

Automotive companies are operating within a fundamentally changing world of transportation. Future mobility requires car manufacturers not only provide consumers with safe vehicles, but they must also offer the market with technologically optimized mobility solutions with reduced environmental impact. High-end rubber grades are key enablers to make this sustainable future a reality.

ARLANXEO offers synthetic rubber grades for e-mobility solutions. High-performing tires impact important factors such as fuel efficiency, rolling resistance, road grip, mileage and safety. ARLANXEO’s product portfolio includes butyl rubber, a number of different butadiene rubber grades, S-SBRs (solution styrene-butadiene rubber) and E-SBRs (emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber) for tires.

Given the numerous performance parameters used in the production of tires — taking into account the unique roles of inner liners, tread and sidewalls — each of our specialty rubbers needs to tackle a range of challenges.

Our halogenated butyl rubbers (halobutyl), are used in the inner liner of tires to provide excellent retention of the desired inflation pressure. Meanwhile, our selection of styrene butadiene rubbers (S-SBR), Buna® VSL, Buna® SL and Buna® FX, as well as neodymium catalyzed butadiene rubbers (Nd-BR), Buna® CB and Buna® Nd EZ, are used in treads, sidewalls and other components of tires.

By improving the air retention of inner liners, our halobutyl rubber ensures proper tire pressure maintenance. Better air retention brings consistent performance over time — promoting energy efficiency, extending tire lifetime, and meeting safety standards. As the popularity of tubeless tires has grown exponentially in recent years, high-performing inner liners are increasingly in demand.

For the exterior-facing parts of the tire, rubber compounds using Buna® Nd EZ provide high abrasion and flex-cracking resistance. Our Buna® Nd EZ family of products is a new generation of high-cis butadiene rubbers that presents a modified polymeric structure enabling remarkable improvements in the processing performance of rubber compounds without sacrificing dynamic properties.

Tires made from an optimized blend of rubbers make driving considerably safer and also help you save fuel — while doing your part to reduce CO2 emissions.

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ARLANXEO’s portfolio includes butadiene rubber products, branded as Buna, which are used in the tire industry and several non-tire applications like medical and pharmaceutical, gum, and plastic modification.



X_Butyl® is a synthetic rubber that is impermeable to air and effective for applications requiring airtight rubber properties. It's used in the automotive, food, sports, and medical industries.



Be it in tires, performance parts for cooling systems, or brake pads, we are helping to make sure cars meet the sustainability requirements of tomorrow.