Keltan® has the broadest portfolio of premium EPDM grades in the world. Its grades are used in a wide variety of everyday products, ranging from wire & cable to household appliances, tire & tube, roofing & geo-membranes, and other miscellaneous rubber articles.


Key Benefits

Efficiently operating over a wide temperature range, Keltan’s benefits include:

- Superior resistance against heat, water, ozone, UV and weathering

- High level of heat resistance

- Strong flexibility and durability

- Excellent electrical properties


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Sustainably paving the way for new mobility

Considering the need for better heat-stable solutions for HEV (hybrid electrical vehicles) and optimized ICE (internal combustion engine), the new mobility requirements of the automotive industry demand high-performance rubber compound solutions under the hood. Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) products are globally the choice of automotive component designers, replacing much less heat-stable natural rubber (NR). 

EPDM rubber is primarily used in the automotive industry for automotive body sealing, radiator hoses, brake parts and belts or engine mounts, including windshield wipers. They exhibit very low density and are highly resistant against oxygen, ozone, heat and irradiation. Cross-linked EPDM rubbers also have good mechanical and elastic properties.

Keltan® is the brand for all ARLANXEO EPDM grades. We offer a very broad portfolio providing the basis for compound solutions serving many EPDM applications. Introduced over 50 years ago, our well-established brand always aims for premium quality and service excellence. Through our industry partnerships around the globe, ARLANXEO leads the innovation drive towards a sustainable future for new mobility.

Driven by sustainable innovation we developed Keltan® ECO, the world’s first commercial EPDM produced in Brazil from bio-based feedstock. The ethylene used in this process is derived from ethanol produced from sugarcane. 

The Keltan® ECO grades have exactly the same specifications as their conventional counterparts, they are “drop-in” equivalents with one important difference: up to 70% of the content is bio-based! Thus they offer an environmentally friendly alternative for any type of EPDM application. 

Today these new bio-based EPDM grades are commercially applied in applications, such as low-weight, micro porous automotive solid seals, recyclable TPV’s, the official soccer World Cup match ball, flooring and window seals. 

Applications in consumer goods and the construction industry

EPDM applications in the building and construction sector mainly comprise EPDM in window gaskets and as water-proof sheets applied on large, flat roofs and for ponds. Other usages include seals for wastewater and for insulation sponge.

Keltan grades are used in a wide variety of everyday products ranging from wires and cables to household appliances such as washing machine bull eyes, door seals in the automotive industry, tire & tube, roofing & geo-membranes and other miscellaneous rubber articles.

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EPDM is primarily used in the automotive industry for automotive body sealing, radiator hoses, brake parts, and belts, or engine mounts, including windshield wipers.



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