Consumer Goods

Always on the ball – in everyday life and at the championship

Ordinary? Nonsense. The synthetic rubbers from ARLANXEO deliver top performance in many articles for daily use. We often don’t even realize it.

Typical rubber properties such as flexibility, resilience, and density are also in demand in sports. For example, the sustainable EPDM rubber Keltan® Eco contributed the good performance of the official game ball for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

Whether for soccer, handball, or basketball, the air in the ball is held by a ball bladder made with X_Butyl®. In the case of golf balls, perfect flight characteristics are ensured by butadiene rubbers from the Buna® brand, which are embedded in the hard rubber core beneath the exterior. 

Light soles and thick cushions

Buna® is also found in flip-flops and in running and hiking shoes. In their soles, mixtures of X_Butyl®, the ethylene vinyl acetate rubber Levapren®, and the nitrile butadiene rubbers Krynac® and Perbunan® ensure optimum damping, adhesion, and durability.

As a soft foam, Levapren® cushions crash helmets, elbow pads and kneepads. Orthopedic bandages with Baypren® support injured joints. Chloroprene rubber is also used in diving suits that provide excellent insulation and are not affected by the sun or salt water. And durable garden hoses that don’t kink. Rubbers from ARLANXEO also get the call for gym mats, running tracks, and flooring for sports grounds as well as for golf clubs and table tennis paddles.

Rubber for chewing gum, plastics, and adhesives

Food manufacturers also benefit from the high quality of our rubber. A particular variety of X_Butyl® retains the taste and texture of chewing gum for a particularly long time. ARLANXEO’s polybutadiene rubbers are suitable for high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) and mass ABS (M-ABS) – for computer housings, televisions, and telephones as well as for plastic toys and the interior of refrigerators. 

In combination with plastics our rubbers can also be found in packaging, electronic devices and appliances. The list could be continued at will – from baby teething rings to toothbrushes. A particularly forward-looking variant: novel thermoplastic vulcanizates with Keltan® Eco made of sugarcane – the world’s first organically based EPDM rubber.


Plastics Modification

Butadiene rubbers are polymer solutions improving the properties of plastics used in a myriad of industries automotive, health care and food.



Be it in tires, performance parts for cooling systems, or brake pads, we are helping to make sure cars meet the sustainability requirements of tomorrow.


Building and Construction

Elastic foundations for skyscrapers and bridges, floor coverings for hospitals and schools, sealing foils for roofs and basements, sheathing for cables and pipelines – synthetic rubbers from ARLANXEO make building easier and safer.