Baymod® L

Highly suitable for use as a modifier for rubber applications, Baymod® L is a sustainable solution commonly used in shoes (PVC). It's available in a free-flowing powder form and is an excellent non-volatile and non-migrating plasticizer.


Key Benefits

The benefits of Baymod® L of include:

- Good compatibility with PVC and other polymers
- Highest notched impact strength with 45% VA
- Good plasticizing effect with 68% VA
- Excellent non-volatile, non-migrating plasticizer
- Free flowing powders


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Making sustainable polymers with impact strength

When conventional rubbers don't make the grade, ARLANXEO's high-performance rubber solutions are used as modifiers for plastics and as raw materials for adhesives. Our heat-resistant ethylene vinyl acetate rubbers can absorb large volumes of special fillers.

Our Baymod® brand is represented in our non-migrating ethylene vinyl acetate (EVM) product family. Our Baymod® L brand, provided in powder form, is a high-impact modifier for PVC and other plasticizing polymers.

As sustainability is increasingly part of the equation for PVC and polymer manufacturers who must meet tight environment standards, without compromising properties like impact strength, Baymod® L is a secure choice.

Baymod® L exhibits first-rate impact strength, good plasticizing effect and excellent non-volatile properties. A non-volatile and non-migrating plasticizer solution, Baymod® L is safely used in potable water and health applications.

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Baymod® is a trademark of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH and registered in many countries worldwide and used under license.