Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

Nitrile butadiene rubber or nitrile rubber (NBR) is a family of unsaturated copolymers of butadiene (BD) and acrylonitrile (ACN). ARLANXEO's NBR product line is available under the Perbunan®, Krynac®, and Baymod N® brand names.

NBR shows a high gas impermeability and excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. It can be used at service temperatures up to 110 – 120°C and shows no crystallization at low temperatures.

Producing oil-resistant rubbers

The automotive and the oil and gas industry heavily rely on specialized rubber products, which must meet stringent resistance requirements to various types of oils. Whether it's dealing with mineral oils or service fluids and greases in automotive applications, they need solutions that offer optimal performance at an attractive cost.

ARLANXEO's high-quality NBR rubbers, sold under the Perbunan®, Krynac®, and Baymod N® brands, are established solutions. Another important market is the construction sector. But NBR's footprint extends across industries. It is used in the production of cables, seals, hoses, printing blankets, and soles for safety and athletic shoes, among other uses.

Nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) is a copolymer made from butadiene and acrylonitrile. In addition to oil resistance, it's preeminent property, it has several other robust features setting it apart from other rubbers, such as: extreme resistance to abrasion and wear, very good resistance to thermal-oxidative aging up to 120 °C, as well as exceptional low-temperature flexibility extending below -50 °C, to name a few.

Quicker and more efficient molding cycles

Besides their extreme oil resistance, NBR vulcanizates are characterized by a high modulus and good sealing force retention. Perbunan® is a special fast-curing NBR rubber enabling very quick molding cycles, thus allowing for higher production rates.

Molding applications are often challenged by the tendency toward mold fouling and corrosion. Perbunan® grades are designed to help reduce such costly and time-consuming occurrences. It's low migration and extraction level attributes also make the very clean Perbunan® ideal for food contact and potable water applications.

Within the construction and machinery industries, Perbunan® is used for molded rubber parts such as seals, membranes, vibration dampers and pump stators. It's also suitable for rubberized fabrics, hoses, roll covers, sheets, conveyor and transmission belts, shoe soles, among other applications.

ARLANXEO offers specific Krynac® grades to fulfill stringent regulations in closed environments, like floorings or mats in buildings, car interiors and train interiors.

Krynac® is a multi-purpose medium cure polymer for technical rubber products that are exposed to oils, fuels and greases. Its good resistance to those liquids makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in the automotive, industrial equipment and machinery industries, as well as shoe soles and flooring.

Like Perbunan®, ARLANXEO's Krynac® grades comply with the most common food and potable water regulations. But while Perbunan® is ideal for high-pressure hoses, Krynac® is preferably used for low or medium pressure hoses, coated fabrics, membranes, sheets in flooring, conveyor and transmission belts and thermal insulation tubes.

Improving thermoplastics with NBR powder

NBR powder, available under the brand Baymod® N, has the same resistance to oil, fuels, greases and other chemicals as other NBR products. Because these grades are soluble in wet processes, they are used in the rubber industry for gaskets manufactured in a solution process.

Thermoplastics modified with Baymod® N remain permanently flexible and elastic while also being impact-resistant. They are preferably implemented for soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in injection molding processes. Only NBR in powder form can mix with PVC. Being very brittle, PVC is commonly modified with softeners to increase its flexibility. NBR also improves the oil resistance of the PVC compounds and provides a rubbery touch. A typical example of a Baymod®-modified PVC-profile can be found in glass window sealings.

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Baymod® N

Baymod® N is an NBR in powder suitable for friction linings, brake linings, and fuel-resistant applications. Common industrial uses are in shoe soles, cables, sheeting, and conveyor belts.



The Krynac® brand belongs to ARLANXEO's line of nitrile rubbers (NBR) used in contact adhesives, sealants, or as impact modifiers. Krynac® XNBR grades are used when excellent abrasion and wear resistance are needed.



Perbunan® is a special fast-curing NBR rubber enabling very quick molding cycles. It's ideal for the automotive, construction and machine industries as well as for food contact applications.