Buna® FX 3211

This product is a functionalized Styrene-Butadiene Rubber containing 32 wt. % of vinyl, 11 wt. % of bound styrene and 5 phr of TDAE extender oil. The functionalization increases the interaction with fillers such as silica and carbon black resulting in reduced hysteresis / rolling resistance in tire compounds and improved wear resistance. Typical applications are silica and carbon black filled winter- and all-season tread compounds as well as truck and bus tread compounds.
Mooney Viscosity 64 MU Internal Method ML (1+4) 100 °C
Styrene Content 11 wt % Internal Method
Oil Content 4,75 wt % Internal Method
Vinyl Content 32 wt % Internal Method
Density 0,92 g/cm³ ASTM D 297
Stabilizer Non staining
Packaging 33 kg bales wrapped in PE film; 36 bales in a box (1188 kg)
Storage Conditions The product should be stored dry and at temperature < 35°C. Exposure to light has to be avoided.


Buna® FX 3211 Product Data Sheet Product Data Sheet Download
Buna® FX 3211 Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Download

Additional Information

Supply Form Bales
Storage Life Conditions The product should be stored dry and at temperature < 35°C. Exposure to light has to be avoided.

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