Keltan® Eco

Keltan Eco EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) rubber contains up to 70 percent of ethylene obtained from sugarcane and has an impressive set of properties that remain identical and undiluted compared to conventional EPDM.

Our eco-friendly solution ensures a significantly better CO2 footprint than petroleum-based polymers.


Key Benefits

Benefits of Keltan® Eco include:

- Bio-based content up to 70%, which can be validated by ASTM D6866 Carbon-14 test

- Uncompromized quality

- Reduced dependence on fossil resources

- Reduced carbon footprint

- Promotes sustainable future


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An Eco option of uncompromised quality

ARLANXEO produces Keltan® Eco, a bio-based EPDM. Keltan Eco is the world’s first commercial EPDM produced in Brazil from bio-based feedstock. The ethylene used in this process is derived from up to 70 percent of ethanol produced from sugarcane. Its properties are entirely comparable to that of conventional EPDM.

This rubber addresses the steadily increasing CO2 footprint reduction standards, especially in the automotive industry, and the overall global megatrends for more sustainable industrial solutions.

An important advantage of Keltan® Eco is that it helps to reduce the overall dependence on fossil fuel resources, as renewable sugar cane is significantly more eco-friendly and has a much lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based polymers.

Sustainability-conscious polymer suppliers have long been searching for effective polymers which could both help them reduce their carbon footprint and continue to offer needed properties suitable for their advanced manufacturing processes.

Our solutions answer the pressing call to increase the eco-friendliness of rubber. Our operations in Brazil started in 2011, and we keep striving to find more opportunities to grow the global sustainable rubber supply chain.

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Mainly used in the automotive industry, Keltan®, ARLANEXO's brand of EPDM products, maintains its superior properties even after exposure to high temperatures.



Tires that save fuel, footballs made of sugarcane, cable jackets for wind turbines – our products also contribute to sustainable development.



EPDM is primarily used in the automotive industry for automotive body sealing, radiator hoses, brake parts, and belts, or engine mounts, including windshield wipers.