March 26, 2021

ARLANXEO donating laptops to schools in joint effort with Buergerstiftung Dormagen and city of Dormagen to support homeschooling

Joint press release by the city of Dormagen, Buergerstiftung Dormagen and ARLANXEO

Dormagen (March 26, 2021) - ARLANXEO, one of the world's leading suppliers of synthetic rubber company based in Chempark Dormagen, has donated several hundred laptops to Buergerstiftung Dormagen, the local community foundation. The laptops will be provided by Buergerstiftung Dormagen to the city of Dormagen, which will equip them accordingly with further software for homeschooling and then distribute them to the students. The goal is to help families who are having difficulties in equipping their children with technology for homeschooling. The powerful laptops were used by ARLANXEO staff until recently and are in excellent condition.

"The Corona pandemic is also exacerbating social inequality in education. We must not allow students from economically weaker families to lose out," says Dormagen Mayor Erik Lierenfeld. "As there are currently supply bottlenecks in the purchase of computers and laptops due to the enormously high demand, I am all the more pleased about this donation. I sincerely thank ARLANXEO and the Buergerstiftung for this great gesture during this difficult time."

Christoph Kalla, Managing Director of ARLANXEO: "We want to do our bit locally in Dormagen, where we have our largest site in Germany. This is where we are rooted through our employees. That's why we were happy to donate the notebooks we no longer needed to our long-time partner, Buergerstiftung Dormagen. After all, it is precisely in these challenging times that unbureaucratic action is called for. Very special thanks goes to our colleagues at ARLANXEO-IT, who cleaned up the laptops in their spare time and equipped them with the Windows 10 operating system."

Buergerstiftung Dormagen welcomes the donation. "We are very pleased with ARLANXEO's renewed generous commitment and thank the city for finding a pragmatic solution together here. The laptops, after they are no longer needed by the students, will be donated to social institutions for their work," Buergerstiftung Dormagen Chairman Martin Voigt is pleased to say. 

This activity by ARLANXEO, Buergerstiftung Dormagen and city of Dormagen is part of their effort to help our communities recover from the effects of the pandemic through donations, expertise, facilities, resources and make a positive difference.

ARLANXEO is one of the world's largest producers of synthetic rubber and a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, a leading producer of energy and chemicals. It develops, produces and markets high-performance rubbers with sales of around EUR 3 billion in 2019 and a presence at more than 12 production sites in 9 countries and 7 innovation centers around the world. Its products are used for a wide range of applications: from the automotive and tire industries to the electrical, construction and oil and gas industries. For more information, please visit Follow us on LinkedIn.


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