Cities are our future: They offer jobs, education, and security – from a wide range of goods to health care. According to the United Nations, 55 percent of all people lived in cities in 2018, and by 2050 the figure is expected to be just under 70 percent. By 2030, there should be 43 so-called megacities with more than ten million inhabitants worldwide, mainly in India and China. 

But cities are consuming more and more energy and water. The division of space and a high population density make for a pleasant and at the same time resource-conserving life. As a producer of innovative high-performance rubbers, ARLANXEO can make a major contribution to a bright future in cities.

Green roofs

Green roofs and facades: What sounds like the music of the future is already a trend in Paris and other metropoles. Urban gardens clean the air of fine dust and exhaust fumes, absorb traffic noise, keep things cool on hot days, give urban dwellers a rest, and even reduce the energy consumption of buildings. This is made possible by sealing foils made of EPDM rubber Keltan or PVC modified with rubber.

In floor coverings for hospitals and schools, Keltan ensures durability, good indoor air, and warm feet. Window seals can be produced with bio-based Keltan Eco, which saves fossil fuel energy. New NBR grade plasticizers from the Baymod brand make PVC flooring more durable and therefore more sustainable. And Levapren in floor coverings and in the sheathing of power and hot-air cables prevents fire from spreading in the event of an emergency.

Synthetic rubbers such as the Buna, Baypren, and Therban brands are also found in elastic pipe insulation, connectors, and seals for elevators, lighting systems, air conditioning systems, and heating systems. Even modern impact sound insulation can hardly do without elastomers.

From transport to sport

Buses and city cars become lighter and consume less energy when plastics replace heavy metal. Their rubber filling absorbs vibrations as well as noise from the tires. This already works with various ARLANXEO rubber grades in air filters and various machines. 

E-cars go further with special rubber compounds for tires – and soon also for batteries.

Driving instead of running, an office job instead of working outdoors: Due to a lack of physical activity, many city dwellers engage in sports. Innovative synthetic rubbers from ARLANXEO are used here as well – whether in cushioning soles for running shoes, in diving equipment, or in football.