Why Arlanxeo?

Our entire organization has been built with our customers in mind. We have created the infrastructure and designed our facilities to meet the demands of your business.
Added value is what we provide over and above supplying our products. The services our people deliver throughout ARLANXEO are your added value.
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Our know-how in recipe formulation

With our deep understanding of material properties and customer requirements, we develop products and recipe formulations that deliver the right solutions for our customers.

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Our track record in product quality and consistency

Through our deep understanding of polymer science and the application of quality assurance techniques, we are able to offer a high product quality consistency.

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Our innovation in compounding and mixing

In our technical centers around the world we work on improving compounding and processing solutions to meet customer demands for efficiency and performance.

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Our experience in product performance in final applications

We provide deep technical know-how from the molecular architecture to the right performance characteristics in the end product. We work side-by-side our customers, developing outstanding products that meet tomorrow’s requirements.

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Our deep knowledge-base across our broad elastomer portfolio and its global production

We have one of the broadest portfolios in the industry allowing our customers to source multiple high quality elastomer solutions whilst streamlining procurement contracts and logistics across continents

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Our understanding of regulations and approvals

Based on the ISO 9001 standard, we implement key elements from essential automotive, food and pharma application standards and are implementing certification for environment, sustainability and energy. This will increase speed to market and our customers’ advantage. Our Regulatory Affairs & Product Safety team is monitoring changing regulations and works to adapt our products and solutions to meet requirements.

How my team acts as a bridge between you and our Research & Development: Our work is like solving a three dimensional puzzle.


We have the presence

• One of the broadest portfolios of elastomers in the industry
• An connected global footprint
• We supply some of the biggest automotive component manufacturers in the world

We have the performance

• High product quality
• Custom production processes to meet efficiency and performance standards
• Deep technical know-how from the molecular architecture to the end product

We have the people

• Teamwork is key to us delivering added value through people
• Our customer care team collaborate at every level to ensure success
• Trust and integrity and accountability are the fundamentals of our culture


Customers get access to our connect portal

Our Connect customer portal provides access to technical information on ARLANXEO products. For specific ARLANXEO elastomers, we also offer a Compound Hardness Calculator, Pilot Recipes and FAQs. In addition, Connect enables you to contact ARLANXEO’s product experts directly, to ask questions or get more information.

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