June 28, 2016



- Two grades for lower temperature application are officially announced at K 2016
- Ideal for Automotive, Oil Exploration and others
- ARLANXEO is working on new generation Therban LT HNBR Elastomers with further step change improvements
- Stand number at K 2016 - 6C78
At K 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany, ARLANXEO will introduce two new products of Therban hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR) for low temperature applications: Therban LT 1707, a fully saturated grade, and Therban LT 1757, a partially saturated grade. Both grades offer the ability to fulfill stringent low temperature requirements up to -40°C, while at the same time maintaining the high dynamically and heat resistant performance of this elastomeric rubber class.

To meet the market need for a further improved balance between low temperature properties and oil resistance, ARLANXEO is now working with high priority on a new generation of Therban elastomers, which will redefine the Therban application window. These products will push the boundaries for low temperature applications well below -40°C, whilst maintaining excellent oil resistance.

Susanna Lieber, Head of Technical Marketing HNBR at ARLANXEO said: “Together with our customers, we are working on new elastomers to fulfil future market requirements.”

Therban LT is a product of the business line NBR/HNBR which is part of the business unit High Performance Elastomers.

High Performance Elastomers

High Performance Elastomers (HPE) , a business unit of the ARLANXEO group, offers its customers a broad portfolio of technical rubbers. As one of the leading suppliers of synthetic rubbers to the rubber-processing industry, HPE markets materials which have a wide range of industrial applications. For example, they are used as modifiers for plastic and adhesive raw materials, in gas and oil exploration and production, and in functional components for the automotive and cable industries.


ARLANXEO is a world-leading synthetic rubber company with sales of around EUR 2.8 billion in 2015, about 3,800 employees and a presence at 20 production sites in nine countries. The company’s core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance rubber for use in, for example, the automotive and tire industries, the construction industry, and the oil and gas industries. ARLANXEO was established in April 2016 as a joint venture of LANXESS and Saudi Aramco.