March 11, 2019



- Successful meetings and feedback from our Clients
- Keen interest for our SBR solution speedway tires and Buna Nd 24 EZ
- Tire Technology Expo 2019, Hannover, Germany - Hall 20, Stand C216
ARLANXEO, a global leader in performance elastomers, successfully participated at the Tire Technology Expo 2019 in Hannover, Germany.

Dr. Matthias Gotta, Executive Vice President, Tire & Specialty Rubbers noted: “it was an interesting and fruitful expo for ARLANXEO. Tire Technology Expo is a key meeting point for the industry leaders to join the discussion on the actual technological developments in order to address the challenges of tomorrow. The world is changing so are the industry, the materials, technologies, processes, customers’ needs. At ARLANXEO we have already embraced change: we design, test and deliver technology-intensive products and applications. And we were happy to interact with most of our clients during the Tire Tech, who expressed their vivid interest on our innovative technologies, our new grades and products, our dedication to constantly manufacture better, sustainable, performant elastomers.”

For Jürgen Gunther, Vice President BU Tire & Specialty Rubbers, Global Marketing and Sales, “the positive feedback we received from our Customers during this 19th Tire Tech expo, is an acknowledgement of our state-of-the-art technologies, and our continuous efforts to manufacture high quality products; products that we often design with our customers in order to constantly meet their technical and market requirements. The tire market is progressing and the new trends of Industry 4.0, namely sustainability, urbanization, digitization, eMobility determine the path and scope of our business”.

Frank Lueckgen, Global Marketing Tires Director, BU Tire & Specialty Rubbers underlined: “We are working on new functionalization technologies in BR and SSBR rubbers to meet the industry trends and support our customers. New tire types are requested to address changes and challenges. At ARLANXEO, we are working to produce new polymers for improved compounds that will give better tires. Our customers want to manufacture tires with polymers that will ensure lower rolling resistance in order to extend the range, elastomers that will be lighter and therefore decrease the energy consumption, synthetic rubber that will reduce abrasion and consequently, enhance Sustainability. All these requirements have to be achieved without compromising on safety and comfort. At ARLANXEO we know how to make a performant, high-quality polymer. According to our clients we are a trustworthy, reliable and innovative partner. Furthermore, during the Tire Tech expo, we also had the opportunity to be interviewed by top trade Press editors with a keen interest to understand the new tire industry trends and learn how we integrate them in our new products”.

By developing new polymers we always have in mind how to facilitate the processibility at the compounding stage. Therefore we have developed the EZ grades. At the fair we showcased Buna ND 24 EZ, an excellent example of a high performing polymer with good processibility behaviour which is more and more acknowledged by the market. 

Business Unit Tire & Specialty Rubbers

Tire & Specialty Rubbers (TSR), a business unit of the ARLANXEO group, offers a broad portfolio of versatile rubbers primarily for applications in tire production. They are used in, for example, the inner liners (the airtight layers) of tires as well as for the tread, side walls and other tire components. Other applications include chewing gum, sports and golf balls, hoses and conveyor belts.

ARLANXEO Tire & Specialty Rubbers (BU TSR) Business Unit operates in Asia (Singapore), Europe (Dormagen, Germany; Port Jerôme, France; Zwijndrecht, Belgium), North America (Sarnia, Canada; Orange, USA), and South America (Caxias, Cabo and Triunfo, Brazil). In addition, we have established R&D hubs for our TSR Business Unit in Caxias (Brazil), Dormagen, Germany), and London (Canada).


ARLANXEO is a world-leading synthetic rubber company with sales of around EUR 3.2 billion in 2017, about 3,900 employees and a presence at 20 production sites in 9 countries. The company’s core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance rubber for use in, for example, the automotive and tire industries, the construction industry, and the oil and gas industries. ARLANXEO was established in April 2016 as a joint venture of LANXESS and Saudi Aramco. On January 1st, 2019, Saudi Aramco, a leading producer of energy and chemicals, became the sole owner of ARLANXEO.​​​​​​​