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Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

ARLANXEO's HNBR product, under the Therban brand, offers excellent properties for engine components. The polarity of HNBR is directly influenced by the ACN content. Higher ACN reduces the polymer's polarity in non-polar media like oil, grease, fat, and fuels. HNBR combines excellent oil resistance...

Therban® 3407 Fully Saturated (suitable for peroxide crosslinking) Grades
Property Nominal Value Test Method Condition Temperature
Mooney Viscosity 70 MU ISO 289 / ASTM D 1646 ML (1+4) 100 °C
Acrylonitrile Content 34,0 wt % ISO 24698-1
Residual Double Bonds 0,9 % IR Spectroscopy